About Swedbyte
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About us

Swedbyte is a Swedish company, founded and run by people with decades of top management experience in IT-services business in both Nordics and Russia. Swedbyte LLC in St. Petersburg is a company 100% owned by Swedbyte, which is destined to provide European level IT-services on the Russian market.

We provide cloud brokerage and consultancy services, helping companies transform the business by levereging the cloud. Our Cloud advisory services are designed to identify opportunities to embrace the cloud, develop the strategy for migration and change management, and as a result — improve our customers’ business efficiency and performance.

Swedbyte has long and tight relationships with leading cloud vendors that deliver the cutting edge collaboration solutions.

Thus Swedbyte is Google recommended partner in Russia for implementing and deploying Google Apps (you can find us on the official Google Partner Search site). We are exclusive partner to Freshdesk when it comes to implementing best-in-class cloud helpdesk and servicedesk software for customers in Nordics and CIS.

Being a European supplier, together with the highest level of competence we also bring Swedish attitude and business approach, which we believe can be beneficial for our customers in different countries; we are open, responsible, sincere and very much customer oriented. We try to understand your business needs and offer solutions that will be most efficient for your business.